SLC 2072 SLC model questions 2072

SLC 2072 (School Leaving Certificate 2072) model questions for 2072, slc exam routine 2072, slc result 2072 will be right here.

SLC Compulsory Science Model Question 2072

SLC Compulsory Mathematics Model Question 2072

SLC Nepali Model Question 2072

SLC Optional Mathematics Model Question 2072

SLC Computer Science Model Question 2072

Some extra possible and difficult questions from chemistry:

1)Define lanthenides and actenides9 (correct definitions)
2)Define s block elements
3)Why are lanthenides and actinides called inner transitional elements
4)Differentiate s-block and p-block elements
5)Why is sodium s-block element
6)Why are lanthenides and actinides kept separate from periodic table[Give 2 reasons]
7)What is hit nad trial method
8)Define avogardo’s number

A} List down the structural formula of:
4:Alkene with 7 carbon atoms
7:acetic acid
11:monohydric alcohol(example)
14:2 degree alcohol(example)
15:di-ethyl ether
16:di-propyl ether
17:ethyl-methyl ether

B} What is isomers? (Ans is in pg 181 of Athrai publication science book)
C} Uses of:
1: Methanol

1. State Newton’s law of geravitation. The massess of two heavenly bodies are 2×1016 kg and 4×1022 kg respectively and the distance between them is 3000 km, find out the gravitational force between them.

2. How is electrical energy obtained from the geothermal energy? Expalin in brief. Write down the suitable conditions for nuclear fusion reaction that occurs in the sun. give one example of non-renewable energy resource?

3. Define one Pascal pressure. Why hydraulic systems are knows as “force multipliers” Which one of the following figure is salt solution? Why?

4. State Pascal’s law.Which principle does Hydrometer based on? Acceleration due to gravity of any place is 9.8m/s2, what will be the pressure exerted at a depth of 3m in a pond that place?
5. What is the meaning of specific heat capacity of mercury is 140J/kgoc? Write any two differences between heat and temperature. In what temperature water has the highest density?


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