New Load Shedding Schedule, NEA Load Shedding Schedule- Updated Regularly

Effective from 2072/09/20 Monday NEA, Nepal Electricity Authority: Loadshedding schedule, new loadshedding schedule is over here to make you easier in each step of your action. Being a Nepali, it has been a great importance to know loadshedding schedule. There are different applications on mobile or on laptop that can show you loadshedding time table as soon as the time table gets changed. Like wise, We are giving you online and providing regular updates on loadshedding time tables. Commonly power cut off due to high load usages in comparison to the rate of generation of electricity is loadshedding. It usually happens in Nepal and this time, there will be less loadshedding as NEA has reduced the time table/schedule.

This is the new loadshedding schedule. This nepal loadshedding schedule is published by NEA(Nepal Electricity Authority).  You will get fresh nepal loadshedding Schedule when NEA changes load shedding time to time. We will update above New loadshedding called nepal loadshedding schedule regularly!! loadshedding schedule effective from 2072-09-20 (January 04, 2016).


Following is the latest schedule that is in effective. You can bookmark this page. You will get loadshedding schedule as soon as it gets changed. We will help by providing you the latest schedule.


Loadshedding schedule of Nepal 2016 is updated. New loadshedding schedule is out. People can check loadshedding schedule online over here. You can see comment section also if you want to know about the latest loadshedding schedule of Nepal. Loadshedding usually increases in winter time and loadshedding decreases in rainy season.

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