How to make windows 7 genuine

How to make windows 7 genuine?

You get a warning – this content of Ms windows is not authentic – if you are using a stolen or OEM content of Ms windows seven. Sometimes it also presents the concept on authentic set ups. The article takes a look at the reason and how to remove Ms windows authentic Advantage concept.

If your Ms windows seven was working fine and you suddenly start receiving messages saying this content of Ms windows is not authentic – for Ms windows seven, chances are that you must have installed the Ms windows seven upgrade KB971033. This Ms windows seven upgrade scans for more than 70 initial bypasses to detect if your content of Ms windows seven is authentic or not. If it finds even a single initial bypass, you are in a mess. Ms windows seven starts bombarding you with messages that say – this content of Ms windows is not Genuine – and reminds you constantly that you need to go for a authentic version.

If you are getting nag screens and are not able to use/install programs because your Ms windows seven believes that the content is not authentic, you can eliminate the Ms windows Genuine Advantage even on a genuine content of Ms windows seven. To eliminate KB971003, follow these steps:

1. First you have to obtain a small application named RemoveWAT to make ms windows seven authentic.

2. So, search, obtain and install the RemoveWAT free application.

3. After the successful installation of RemoveWAT, you will see a screen with a Recover WAT option.

4. Click on the Recover WAT option and wait for some time.

5. Now restart you pc.

6. Done, you have efficiently made your version of ms windows seven authentic.

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