Latest Mobile price in Nepal

Nepali Market does not have a fixed rate on mobile phones. It varies shop to shop. Here is the actual Mobile price in Nepal that is fixed by dealer itself. You are requested not to pay more than the amount below. This rate is actual rate including all taxes. Be aware on buying mobile products, pay the actual price.

G’FIVE dual sim phone price in nepal

HT5000: 5150 Nrs

C6 price in Nepal: 1575 Nrs

C1 price in Nepal: 1980 Nrs

G101i price in Nepal: 2330 Nrs

F20 price in Nepal: 2550 Nrs

C2 price in Nepal: 2200 Nrs

G221 price in Nepal: 3590 nrs

rate is from kantipur National daily 23 april 2012

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